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NYS Fax on Demand

NYS allows tax practitioners and taxpayers to receive certain NYS publications and forms via a fax retrieval system. Call 1-800-748-3676 and follow the instructions to receive the list of documents available through this system.

NYS Phone Numbers

NYS Telephone Directory

Department: Telephone Number:
Taxpayer Assistance 1-800-225-5829
Forms 1-800-462-8100
Business Information Center 1-800-972-1233
Business Ambassador 1-518-485-5080
Refunds (if original return was mailed) 1-800-443-3200
Refunds (if original return was electronic) 1-800-353-0708
Direct Deposit Inquiry 1-800-321-3213
Refund Offsets 1-800-443-3200
Tax Compliance & Collections 1-800-835-3554
FAX Document Retrieval 1-800-748-3676
Estate Tax 1-800-641-5751
Corporation Tax Audit 1-518-457-3295
Corporation Tax Search 1-518-457-4273
Corporation Registration Unit 1-518-457-2554
Corporate Dissolution 1-800-327-9688
Subchapter “S” Election Procedure Unit 1-518-457-0457
Department of Labor 1-518-457-9000
Department of Tax Appeals 1-518-266-3000
ELF Help Desk 1-518-457-7296
TSB Mailing List 1-518-457-2772
Calculation of interest and penalties due 1-800-225-5829
Taxpayer Assistance for Businesses 1-718-935-6000
Forms 1-718-935-6739
FAX Forms Retrieval 1-718-935-6114
Citytax Recorded Information 1-718-935-6736
Technical Service 1-718-403-3761
Tax Commission 1-212-669-4410
Tax Tribunal 1-212-669-4501
Tax Lien Ombudsman 1-718-694-0424

Important Federal Tax Information

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