Letter from our Outgoing President George Powers, EA

To NY NATP members,
It has been an honor being president of the NY Chapter over the last three years.
I want to thank the board of directors and the education committee for their hard
work. Without their support and diligence, we would not have been able to
accomplish what we did.
I also want to congratulate every member for still being in this business. The tax
business has undergone some significant change over the last two years, and we
have all had to adjust and update what we do for our clients. It has not always
been easy, but we have overcome the challenges thrown at us.
I have enjoyed meeting so many members at the events, and the one annual
conference we in the last three years
I will continue to be active on the board of directors and on the Education
Committee and hope to see more members at future events.
George Powers, EA



Letter from New President Laura Millard, EA

Hello from the Chapter President!
Hello to all our valued NATP New York Chapter members. My name is Laura Millard. I have been in practice for over 20 years and a member of NATP for over 12 years. I joined the Board shortly thereafter and the Education Committee as the Logistics Chairperson. I am excited and honored to be the new Chapter President for the upcoming year. I was nominated by the Board to lead the Chapter in 2022. I would like
to thank them for their support and confidence in me to represent the chapter as President.
First and foremost, I want to thank the outgoing president George Powers for his hard work, commitment, and dedication to the chapter for the last three years as president.
Moving into the new year, I’d like to welcome our new board members, Kathryn Keane, Ibanessa Soto Hogan and Karl Herba, as well as our long-standing members. Their continued participation and enthusiasm in our chapter is what will help us meet the
challenges of assisting our members thru tax season and beyond. NATP NY Chapter is the oldest and largest chapter at NATP and that is due to YOU the members and the commitment from the Board and the Education Committee who volunteer their time effort and energy for you the members.
As always, we continue to look for volunteers for the board and education committee. If you have some extra time and would like to give back to the Chapter we’d love to hear from you, please contact Christina Parisi at the 800-822-3260.
I look for to meeting you at the National Conference in Las Vegas July 24 thru July 28, 2022. The NY Chapter will he hosting a special event for all NY members who attend, information will follow in the Chapter Newsletter.
Laura Millard, EA