John Hnat Scholarship

John Hnat Memorial Scholarship Award

The New York Chapter of the NATP offered scholarship awards in the memory of John Hnat in 2016. John was our Chapter’s Past Vice President and was honored as the NATP 2003 Chapter Person of the Year. He believed strongly in the New York State Chapter and was always willing to do what was required to make our chapter a success.

The Chapter has offered two scholarships, one for the NATP-NY Essential Annual Seminar and one for the NATP-NY Chapter Comprehensive IT 201/203 Seminar.


In the final year of the scholarship, we are offering to pay for an “early bird” 2021 National Conference registration in Baltimore, Maryland.  The NY NATP Board of Directors will pick a random winner this coming June 2021 at their board meeting. The winner of the registration will need to be a NATP member from NY who is in good standing.

Below is the application that we will need returned by May 1st, 2021