Board of Directors

2017 NY Chapter Board of Directors

Edward Arcara, CPA
Chapter President

George Powers, EA
Chapter Vice President

Christina Parisi
Chapter Secretary

Christopher Bertuglia, EA
Chapter Treasurer

Frederick Reynolds, Jr., EA
George Powers, EA
Southern Tier
Daniel Paoletti, EA
Sally Fahey, EA
Laura Millard
Ed Arcara, CPA
Hudson Valley
Amy Lawer, EA
Matt Hall, CPA
Capital (Northern Tier)
Rick Rottkamp, EA
W. Ralph Sommers, EA
Long Island
Guy Leopold, EA
Christopher Bertuglia, EA
Harris Fishbein, CPA
Christina Parisi
James Oliveri
Kathryn M. Keane, EA
Chapter Office:
Wendy C. Loomis, EA
State Office Director
1129 Front Street
Binghamton, NY 13905
Phone: 800-822-3260
Fax: 607-723-1022